The Haunted Hotel Monteleone

A Haunted New Orleans Hotel with a Historic Past

You may have heard, and you may have not, but this month is the perfect time to inform you that – yes, it’s true – Hotel Monteleone is one the premiere haunted hotels in New Orleans. New Orleans lays claim to  “America’s Most Haunted City,” with our history of voodoo magic and witches. Our fair city has such an extensive haunted past that the third season of American Horror Story, “Coven,” is based on the true stories of horrifying events that occurred in New Orleans, including those done by voodoo queen Marie Laveau and the evil Madame LaLaurie.

Haunted Hotel Monteleone is no stranger to New Orleans’ past of paranormal activity. Many hotel guests have experienced haunted events while staying at the Monteleone and have claimed to see spirits in the halls and in their rooms. Check out our ghost story, The Haunted Tale of Maurice Begere, to learn more about the son of Josephine and Jacques Begere, who’s been spotted roaming the halls of the haunted Hotel Monteleone.

Hotel Monteleone isn’t the only building to brave out the paranormal. Below are a list of other haunted places in New Orleans.

Other Haunted New Orleans Attractions

  • Brennan’s Restaurant
  • The LaLaurie House
  • Le Petit Theatre du Vieux Carre
  • Miss Celie’s Spa Orleans
  • Voodoo Cemetery Gates of Guinee
  • St. Louis Cemetery Number 1.
  • Lafayette Cemetery No. 1
  • Metairie Lakelawn Cemetery
  • Chalmette Battlefield
  • Marie Laveau’s House
  • La Pavilion Hotel
  • St. Roch Cemetery

Learn more about the many above ground cemeteries that call New Orleans home.

Experience Halloween in New Orleans with the Haunted Hotel Monteleone

In 2003, the International Society of Paranormal Research investigated in the haunted Hotel Monteleone. They made contact with more than a dozen earthbound entities. Many of our guests request a room on the 14th floor, as that is said to be the most haunted of any floor of Hotel Monteleone. Book a spooky trip to the haunted Hotel Monteleone, and explore the city’s other spiritual destinations.