Criollo Restaurant Black Bay Oysters TrioYou may or may not be well aware of the Christmas tradition, Reveillon dinners in New Orleans, that occur every holiday season. Each year, many New Orleans restaurants partake in the tradition by offering a special menu. Predictably, the food is delicious and the feast is festive, but you may not be as well-versed in the history and birth of the Reveillon dinners in New Orleans.

History of the Reveillon Dinners in New Orleans

Reveillon dinners were born in the 19th century. Creoles living in New Orleans adopted the tradition from the Europeans, and celebrated the “Reveillon,” a French word meaning “awaken.”  Families would join together on Christmas Eve and attend Midnight Mass together. Christmas Eve would be celebrated with a daylong religious fast, which the Catholic Creoles would break once they returned home. The meals would be expansive and elaborate, with chicken and oyster gumbo, game pies, soups, souffles, lavish desserts, brandy and coffee. Catholic Creoles would then celebrate a second Reveillon on New Year’s Eve, an affair even more elaborate than the Christmas Eve celebration.

Reveillon Dinners in New Orleans Today

Today, Reveillon dinners in New Orleans are now celebrated the evenings leading up to Christmas Day. No longer only celebrated by Catholic Creoles, all are welcome to join in on this festive feast.  Fun Fact: In Provence, France, Reveillon dinner is followed by the tradition of 13 separate desserts. Better save room!

Join Criollo for a Reveillon Dinner!

Many restaurants will be partaking in the Reveillon tradition, including our very own Criollo Restaurant.

The Criollo Reveillon Dinner will be served from December 1-25. To make reservations, please call (504) 681-4444 or make a reservation online.