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A Historic HOtel

Our French Quarter Story


Antonio Monteleone, an industrious nobleman who operated a very successful shoe factory in Sicily before immigrating to New Orleans.  

After opening a successful cobbler shop in the city’s bustling French Quarter, Mr. Monteleone bought a 64-room French Quarter hotel on the corner of Royal and Iberville streets in 1886. Then called the Commercial Hotel, Mr. Monteleone added multiple additions and expansions to the property, and in 1908 the name of the hotel was changed to Hotel Monteleone. 

Several renovations, historic eras, and illustrious guests later, our luxury hotel remains the gold standard of hospitality in the French Quarter and a staple in the New Orleans community.  

a Premier Haunted Hotel

Hotel Monteleone's Haunted History


GENERATIONS OF HOTEL GUESTS AND STAFF have regularly experienced haunted events at Hotel Monteleone. From doors that open with a will of their own and elevators that go to the wrong floor to shadows of children playing and curious couples that appear at the end of hallways, our hotel  is known for being one of the premier haunted places in New Orleans. 

In March 2003, the International Society of Paranormal Research spent several days at Hotel Monteleone. While at the hotel, the team made contact with more than a dozen entities including several former employees and a friendly toddler named Maurice Begere. The boy died in the hotel, and his distraught parents returned frequently in hopes he might visit them. Maurice eventually appeared to his mother and comforted her, and to this day, guests report seeing him near the room where he died.

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