New Orleans has a world-wide reputation for a lot of things, but perhaps one of its best known qualities is its nightlife. It might not be an official title, but “the Southern City that Never Sleeps” is a very fitting slogan.

Whether you’re walking down Bourbon Street, listening to music on Frenchmen, or sipping wine at the Delachaise in Uptown, there’s always something going on in New Orleans that will have you enjoying life up until the wee hours of the morning.

Live Music on Frenchmen

Frenchmen Street, just a short walk down river from Bourbon Street, has become the epicenter of music in the city. As Bourbon Street became increasingly touristy and less musically focused, local bands and musicians moved over to Frenchmen Street.

A short walk down Frenchman will showcase some of the city’s best musicians. The Maison, Blue Nile and Spotted Cat are just a few hot spots on the street. Many locals will tell you how to experience it best: just take a walk, stop by each bar to listen to who’s playing and take your pick. No matter what, you’re sure to find something that will get your toes tapping.

Revelers on Frenchmen Street (Photo: Paul Broussard)

Revelers on Frenchmen Street (Photo: Paul Broussard)

Stand-up and Improv Comedy

Perhaps lesser known but still a dynamic force in New Orleans’ nighttime scene is the comedy community. Whether you’re a fan of stand-up or improv, there is a wide variety of joints where you can find some of the city’s funniest individuals.

Carrolton Station is one of the most well known spots for comedy, and even has a weekly comedy open-mic called, “So You Think You’re Funny.” Famous comedian, Hannibal Burress also frequents this spot whenever he’s in town and will perform unannounced.

The New Movement is home to New Orleans’ best improv comedy, with¬†competition styled shows taking place every Monday night. Along with their shows, the New Movement also offers improv classes, which could make for an excellent vacation activity.

One of New Orleans’ best dive bars, the Love Lost Lounge, puts on a comedy show every Tuesday night at 10pm. Not only are their shows hilarious, but they have a full service Vietnamese kitchen and amazing drinks. This lounge is one of New Orleans’ best kept late night secrets.

Open Spaced Drinking Places

If you’re not a fan of cramming into a small bar, then New Orleans has several airy spots that encourage groups of friends to sit and drink for hours.

The Tchop Yard, a recent addition to the New Orleans scene, is a courtyard styled bar that has a ton of space for you and your party. Take over a bench or lounge chairs, order a goblet of local craft beer, and listen to music all night.

For wine lovers, Bacchanal is a local favorite. When you enter the restaurant, you can pick out bottles of wine that come from all over the world and a meat and cheese plate to compliment your beverage. Live music plays all night long in the backyard styled joint. Delachaise in Uptown has a similar vibe, but instead has wine on tap.

New Orleans Burlesque

An often forgotten part of New Orleans’ nightlife history is the burlesque and cabaret culture. While Bourbon used to be filled with dancers at all times of the days, just a few spots now are home to some of the best dancers in the world.

The AllWays Lounge hosts burlesque almost every night, with a raucous audience. The themes differ every night, but if one thing is certain, you should always be ready to dance.

New Orleans Burlesque (Photo: Sophie Osella)

New Orleans Burlesque (Photo: Sophie Osella)

Chris Owens Club is set on bringing the famous cabaret of Las Vegas to New Orleans. Ms. Owens dances to Latin rhythms Monday through Saturday starting at 8:30pm sharp. Make sure to dress your most dapper, as this club gives off the aura of being an old-timey cabaret club.

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These are just a few ideas to help get your New Orleans night started. If you’ve visited New Orleans before, you know that the party truly never stops and isn’t set to just night time. There’s literally a festival every weekend in the fall celebrating anything from historic neighborhoods to fried chicken.

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