Everyone knows that you should come to New Orleans with an appetite. But there are some French Quarter dishes that every first-time visitor needs to try.

No matter what time of day or what you’re in the mood for, there’s an iconic NOLA dish that will please your palate. 

Here’s the best French Quarter eats to try during your first visit to New Orleans!

Beignets from Cafe du Monde, a quintessential New Orleans dish.

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Enjoying a fresh, hot beignet should be at the top of every visitor’s to-do list in New Orleans. These deep-fried dough pastries are a delicious NOLA tradition.

Dating back to French-Creole colonists in the 18th century, these confections are outstandingly simple: fried dough covered with mounds of powdered sugar. Served hot and in sets of three, they’re traditionally paired with café au lait for a perfectly NOLA treat.

If you’re hunting for beignets in the French Quarter, you can find them at Café du Monde on Decatur Street or at Café Beignet, one of the must-see spots on Royal Street. 

A muffuletta sandwich from Central Grocery in the French Quarter, a must-try dish for NOLA visitors.

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A muffuletta is New Orleans’ famous Italian sandwich that packs a whole lot of flavor into one bite. It’s layered with olive salad, cured meats and cheese, all within a sesame seed bun that’s as big as a plate.

The sandwich was invented by Lupo Salvadore, who opened Central Grocery in 1906 in the French Quarter. It was there he introduced the muffuletta and it became a fast NOLA favorite.

Central Grocery is still open today, located across from the French Market on Decatur Street and still serving the traditional muffuletta recipe. It’s definitely worth stopping by for a bite!

A Po Boy sandwich from Killer Poboys, a beloved NOLA sandwich and delicious meal.

Photo by @baybeswhobrunch via Instagram

Po Boy

There are few sandwiches more beloved in New Orleans than a Po Boy. Legend has it they were invented and sold to striking streetcar workers in the 1920s, and today they are a favorite NOLA meal for locals and visitors alike.

A Po Boy sandwich can be made with many things – roast beef, fried shrimp, oysters, catfish, you name it. Whatever you choose, it’s usually dressed with hot sauce and  mayo and piled with lettuce, tomato and pickles. Pack it all between French bread and you’ve got a tasty, iconic meal.

There are tons of places in the city to get a Po Boy, but if you’re looking for one in the French Quarter you can’t go wrong with Killer PoBoys on Dauphine Street or Verti Marte on Royal Street. 

Bananas Foster, a spectacular dessert from Brennan's Restaurant in the French Quarter.

Photo by @brennansnola via instagram

Bananas Foster

New Orleans has plenty of incredible options when it comes to dessert, but nothing beats the bananas foster. First invented at Brennan’s Restaurant in the 1950s, this decadent dish is an iconic New Orleans delight.

This dish not only tastes amazing, its preparation is a show-stopping spectacle and is usually made table side for diners to enjoy. Bananas are sautéed with sugar, butter and cinnamon and then bathed in rum and set ablaze, putting on quite the pyrotechnic performance. 

For the authentic bananas foster experience it’s best to go right to the original source and visit Brennan’s in the French Quarter!

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